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Future with hemp life -
Share your passion

Welcome to Hanfleben!

We are pleased that you have decided to enter into a partnership with us and easily build up your own Hanfleben business. Just like you, 1000 partners have joined our strong community, shared our healthy, high-quality products with people from your environment and can finally fulfill your wishes, goals and above all your dreams thanks to the advantages of our "green gold".


Actively selling Hanfleben products to customers should be the core of what you do. Then our successful business model enables you to earn above-average income with free time management and at the same time enjoy exactly the life of financial freedom that you have always dreamed of.

At Hanfleben, we rely on the highest, laboratory-tested and sustainable quality. Vegan source of protein and source of omega 3 and 6, source of fibre, vitamins and trace elements.

This is exactly what makes our Hanfleben food hemp a climate-friendly superfood, with which you not only do something good for yourself and your environment, but also for the environment.

Hemp life is a gain for your financial independence, health and climate, simply a WIN WIN effect for everyone.

Have we aroused your interest now? Then sign up for our affiliate program and build your own team that will help you sell Hanfleben products and fight with you to become successful and share your passion for nature and health.


We provide you with exclusive, ecological products and professional marketing material to support you and your team in becoming successful. This allows you to grow your business however you want, whether you want to earn a part-time income or grow your business using our platform. Our lucrative compensation plan opens up a new world for you.

Your customers can order easily and conveniently via your partner link in our online shop. Which means for you: no large storage rooms, no own bookkeeping with invoicing, debt collection etc. Doesn't that sound great?

We know from personal experience how much work, commitment and dedication it really takes to be successful and we want everyone who works hard to succeed - it pays off as your team grows.

Your advantages of becoming a Hanfleben ambassador at a glance:

  • Open time-management
  • Once your customer - always your customer
  • You put your team together yourself
  • Financial Compensation Plan
  • Pool Payouts
  • Build relationships with people
  • Actively caring for the well-being of the people
  • Contribute to climate protection
  • Attend events and parties


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